Sunshine Haj Service
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Trichy Sunshine Haj Service

We are a team of young and energetic business back grounded, Islamic Scholars, who run this Haj Service, Tour organizing business. Trichy Sunshine Haj Service is one of India’s fast developing Tour and Travel Agency offering a total solution to pilgrims across the globe traveling to perform Haj & Umrah.

Hajj travel is supervised, organized and managed by Managing Director, Mohamed Nowsath, renowned alims and ulamas who have in depth knowledge of Haj and Umrah. Prior to each Hajj and Umrah trip, we conduct in-depth educational & interactive Hajj seminars for those who intend to make Hajj and Umrah and for those who want to attain a better understanding of the manaasiks [rituals] and other aspects of Hajj travel.

We ensure that every Hajee’s questions and concerns are addressed to their satisfaction by conducting regular speeches from the renowned Islamic scholars during the Haj and Umrah pilgrimage. That’s why we have been very successful by Allah’s grace till now.